We opened KCDC Board Member Applications Saturday, August 15th to the public posting the application link here on our website along with our social media channels. Applications closed Friday, August 21 at 5PM CDT and we would like to thank all of the applicants that have participated in the process thus far. As a reminder, here are the open positions on the Board along with a description of the position and the term limit.

Secretary (1 Position)
Term | 3 Years (September 1, 2020 – August 31, 2023)
Secretary shall be responsible for recording minutes of all meetings, counting votes, and maintaining files of minutes, give required notices, be custodian of corporate records, maintain required records, and shall perform all other duties usual to the office and duties that may be delegated by the President or the Board.

Director (3 Positions)
Term | 2 Years (September 1, 2020 – August 31, 2022)
A member at large.

The following individuals are your candidates for the 2020 Kansas City Diversity Coalition Membership Ballot.

Michael Craig


I am applying for the position of….

What makes our mission meaningful to you?
I have lived in Kanas City the majority of my life.  It is home to me and have seen the community go through several transformations and growing opportunities.  The recent unfortunate events that this organization has encountered, calls upon individuals with a unique, professional skillsets to work with diverse members and interests to seek to find common ground and consensus for the overall benefit and satisfaction of all.  No, you will never be able to satisfy everyone, but through hardwork, dedication and a vision of love; there is a way to discover a path to success with love and respect for all.

I am a long-term member of this Kansas City LGBTQIA community as well as a previous board member of the student organizaion once named Queers and Allies in Lawrence, Kansas.  I have a vested interest that all are represented equally and fairly for the overall success of any event the KCDC board and associated community members would wish to hold.  I am currently bonded for integrity over 1-million dollars and hold a high level of personal and professional integrity.  

I believe all individuals deserve a voice and representation and look forward to what my life experiences can add to ensure the goals and mission statement of the KCDC organization is met at every level with honesty, integrity and equality.

What motivates you?
I am self-motivated to assist wherever I can to see the KCDC organization reach it’s goals and mission achieved.  I love seeing others work together and rise each other up vs. tearing each other down or comparing one over the other.

I am motivated to bring fun and enjoyment into the organization.  A better more cohesive and functional organization is my hope from what part I may play in the the future success of the KCDC.

Craig Armstrong


I am applying for the position of….

What makes our mission meaningful to you?
Inclusivity and acknowledgement of all.

What are some of your prior board leadership experiences?
Kauffman Foundation, Washington University St. Louis

Information Technology, Entrepreneurship, Non-profit, Philanthropic.

management, oversight, and transparency

Tyler Bell


I am applying for the position of….

What makes our mission meaningful to you?
I have already been serving the Board as a committee member and I wish to take on more responsibility and make a larger impact in the LGBTQIA+ community with the role I already play with Social Media and Marketing.

By trade I am a graphic designer and web designer, so I would continue to offer those skills and be able to offer more of my Marketing, Public Relations and potentially my Coding skills to the table. I also currently sit on my job’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee and have a great relationship with our Charity Committee who are always looking for ways to server the KC Community.

Being able to use my abilities to serve a greater purpose and to build up communities.

Kansas City Diversity Coalition
Board Member Applications

2020 KCDC Board Member Applications (PDF)
Note: Private information has been redacted for the privacy of all candidates.